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Serve with us

There are many ways you can jump in and start serving at our location. To do that, click on one of the opportunities below to apply and connect with the ministry leaders. Please note that certain ministry areas (particularly environments with children, students, and individuals with special needs) will have additional requirements in order to serve in these areas.


Access | Serving those with Special Needs

Art, Communications & Photography | Serving with artistic and linguistic skills

Audio, Visual, and Video | Utilizing lights, screens, and sounds to glorify God

Discipleship Group Leader | Making disciples through groups

First Response Team | Keeping our places of worship safe

Global Outreach | Supporting missions and our missionaries

Kid’s Quest | Serving kids from birth to elementary age

Local Outreach | Addressing urgent physical and spiritual need in our city

Music and Worship | Making music to the glory of God

Parking Team | Serving others from the moment they enter our parking area

Rock Student Ministries | Serving middle school and high school students

Weekend Service Teams | Serving with ushers, greeters, our welcome desk and more


There are plenty more areas to jump in and serve.  View this month’s Ministry Directory to view those opportunities.