What do you do?

At MBC, our mission is to glorify God by making disciples and multiplying churches among all nations. Involvement in this global mission is not optional: every Christ-follower has a role to play. We surrender our time, talents, resources, and lives for the sake of the lost, the poor, and the vulnerable who need Christ above all. We work to establish new local churches where none currently exist and to strengthen existing local churches. We will prioritize global endeavors that help create gospel access where there is none. We primarily do this through short-term trips, mid to long-term sending, and global partnerships. Click here to read the full Global Outreach mission and strategy.

Short-Term Trips

MBC sends short-term teams around the world to effectively advance the goals of our long-term partners in places where the gospel is both inaccessible and accessible.  The aim of short-term trips is to help establish churches where none exist and strengthen existing local churches.  Our desire is that each member of MBC would consider serving on a short-term trip.  Please consider applying for one of our upcoming trips and review our Frequently Asked Trip Questions.

Mid and Long-Term Sending

We believe the local church should be the center of sending, shepherding, and supporting God’s people who serve in cross-cultural contexts.  Therefore, we will prioritize sending people to serve in mid or long-term capacities directly from our church family.

Mid-Term Sending refers to individuals who will spend six months to two years serving in a cross-cultural context.  Long-Term Sending refers to individuals who will serve in a cross-cultural context for 2+ years. For detailed information about our sending process, please click here.


  • MBC member (required)
  • Affirmed by others in the church as a committed follower of Christ
  • Expects to depart to serve abroad within 1-2 years
  • Baptized or in the process to be baptized
  • Regular weekly attendee at MBC Sunday services for 1+ year(s)
  • Regular participant in an MBC group and a regular volunteer in an MBC ministry

Sending Process Pipeline Steps:

  1. Submit Initial Intake Form + take the “Intro to Missions” class
  2. Initial Pipeline Meeting with Global Outreach Staff
  3. Complete Self-Assessment
  4. Pastoral Assessment + Affirmation
  5. Development Plan (Equipping + Training)
  6. Commission + Launch
Global Partnerships

We partner with Bible based and church centered ministries around the world to advance the gospel, make disciples, and multiply churches among the unreached.  We desire to support healthy and effective organizations as they labor in these areas.

The Mission Fund

The Mission Fund invests in global ministry which serves the physical and spiritual needs of unreached peoples.

2023 Prayer Guide

To access our prayer guide for 2023, please click here.


Want to Serve?

We have a variety of ways to support Global Missions, from weekly opportunities to helping with special events. Apply



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