Lay Counseling

Our team of lay counselors consists of women and men from MBC who have gone through training in biblical counseling or other related counseling training. They offer compassionate, gospel-centered counseling to our members and regular attenders free of charge. Our pastors also make up a part of the counseling process and are involved to pray and offer support when needed. For information about lay counseling contact [email protected] or call 703-770-2936.

Lasting change is rarely achieved in isolation; therefore, we encourage you to be involved in the life of the church in a variety of ways including connecting to a Church Group where your care and support can continue.

Counseling Conversations

As a church family, we are committed to caring for one another in practical ways. Counselors address questions for different topics each week related to mental, emotional, and relational health. Head over to our Instagram account @mcleanbible to ask questions or go here to see past topics and answers.

External Counselors

God in His common grace has also provided experts who can help us in particularly difficult circumstances. See our counseling resources featuring counselors, psychiatrists, and specialists in the area. Please note, MBC does not specifically endorse any of the providers or services listed in this list.



How can my marriage thrive amidst infertility? What can be done when sex is a struggle in marriage? Can my marriage survive if there’s been infidelity? What if my spouse is abusive? Visit for answers to these questions as well as resources for marriage, singleness, dating, and more!


See below for classes we’re offering. To register and get more information on any of classes, visit


Please reach out to MBC Counseling by calling 703-770-2936 or emailing [email protected].





This marriage enrichment program examines God’s design for marriage and applies biblical principles to guide couples toward one-ness in their relationship through teaching, real-life stories of grace, and small group discussion.

This 9-week course is designed to equip engaged couples with biblical principles and skills to build a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Church Groups

God has designed His church to be a caring family. At MBC, the primary way we organize our church is through church groups. Church groups are the primary we care for one another at MBC. For more information about them, visit our groups page.

Specialized Ministries

As a supplement to groups, MBC also has a variety of care ministries which serve specific needs. You can view them in the “Care Ministry” section of our Ministry Directory.