Who are you?

Lighthouse is our young adult community that gathers at 5 PM each Sunday evening to fellowship and encourage each other in our faith. Along with socializing, snacks and time in worship, you can expect a loving and welcoming group that is challenged to go out and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to closely study the word of God together in discussion groups. Our leaders are committed to knowing who you are, accountability and discipleship.


Email us: [email protected]

Thursdays, Sept. 24-Dec. 17 | Zoom

Some people have dubbed 2020 “the worst year in history.” And you can understand why. So many things have happened this year. Unexpected things. Difficult things. And there is a constant chorus of voices telling us how to think and what to do in the midst of all of it. If there’s ever a time we needed God’s perspective, it’s now. Join us as we dive into a variety of topics centered around this unique time in history and discuss God’s Word in light of it.

Questions? Contact Danielle Sarbo.