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Community Groups

A Community Group is typically 10-50 people who meet regularly for the purpose of teaching, friendship, and spiritual growth. No need to sign up in advance for these groups, just show up!



  • Bereans Fellowship | 9 am | Community Room
  • Couples Community | 11 am | Community Room
  • Open Door | 11 am | Room 215
  • LightHouse Young Adult Community | 5 pm | Auditorium



  • Access Community Group | 7 pm | Select Tuesdays | Access Rooms 1st Floor



  • Co-Ed Community Group | 7 pm | Community Room
Discipleship Groups

We have small sized communities we call Discipleship Groups. Registration is required for these groups and is now open.



  • Married Couples Discipleship Group (Pete and Pam Rockx) Register



  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Larry Gray) Register
  • Men’s Purity Group Register
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Tige Nishimoto) Register



  • Wednesdays for Women Register
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Tom and Nicole Parmentier Register
  • Men’s Discipleship Groups (Nathan Annis) Register



  • Women’s Discipleship Group (Kara Annis and Jen Armstrong) Register
  • Women’s Discipleship Group (Katie Walker) Register



  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Tim McClellan) Register
  • Co-ed Discipleship Group (MJ DeLeon) Register



  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Wayne Bobby) Register
  • Women’s Discipleship Group (Theresa Holeski) Register
  • Married Couples Discipleship Group (Nick and Ana Ron) Register