Get Connected

At MBC, groups are the primary way that we care for one another, grow together to be more like Christ, and make disciples together both locally and globally. In short, it’s how we can make a very large church serve as a meaningful family. When we gather together to do all that the Bible says a church should do, we know it is for God’s glory and for our greatest good.

We have a wide variety of groups that are actively meeting in different and creative ways – even during a pandemic! Some groups are meeting online and some are meeting in person. Please consider registering for a group below that would work best for your schedule.



  • LightHouse Young Adult Community | 5 pm | Email to register [email protected]
  • Married Couples Discipleship Group (Pete and Pam Rockx) Register



  • LightHouse Women’s Discipleship Group (McCauley Alexiou) Register



  • Access Community Group | 7 pm | Select Tuesdays | Register
  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Larry Gray) Register
  • Men’s Purity Group Register



  • Co-Ed Community Group | 7 pm | Register
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Tom and Nicole Parmentier) Register
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Joe & Patty King) Register



  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Josh & Amy Allen/Eric & Carrisa Trejo) Register
  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Tim McClellan) Register



  • Married Couples Discipleship Group (Chris & Christy Gray) Register
  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Tim McClellan) Register



  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Wayne Bobby) Register

Meeting Remotely

We are encouraging groups across our church to consider alternate means for staying as biblically and closely connected to one another as possible during this time. Go HERE for more detailed recommendations and resources for groups.