Get Connected
Community Groups

A Community Group is typically 10-50 people who meet regularly for the purpose of teaching, friendship, and spiritual growth. No need to sign up in advance for these groups, just show up!



  • Bereans Fellowship | 9 am | Community Room
  • Couples Community | 11 am | Community Room
  • Open Door | 11 am | Room 215
  • LightHouse Young Adult Community | 5 pm | Auditorium



  • Access Community Group | 7 pm | Select Tuesdays | Access Rooms 1st Floor



  • Co-Ed Community Group | 7 pm | Community Room
Discipleship Groups

We have small sized communities we call Discipleship Groups. Registration is required for these groups and is now open.



  • Married Couples Discipleship Group (Pete and Pam Rockx) Register



  • LightHouse Men’s Discipleship Group (Luke Swadener) Register
  • LightHouse Women’s Discipleship Group (McCauley Alexiou) Register





  • Wednesdays for Women Register
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Tom and Nicole Parmentier) Register



  • Women’s Discipleship Group (Katie Walker) Register



  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Tim McClellan) Register



  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Wayne Bobby) Register
  • Women’s Discipleship Group (Theresa Holeski) Register
  • Married Couples Discipleship Group (Nick and Ana Ron) Register

Meeting Remotely

We are encouraging groups across our church to consider alternate means for staying as biblically and closely connected to one another as possible during this time. Go HERE for more detailed recommendations and resources for groups.