Serve with us

“If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” Jesus

We invite you to participate in one of our serve teams at MBC Loudoun! God is inviting each one of us to be a part of the life-changing work He has already started and will accomplish, so don’t miss out on the mighty ways He is waiting to use you! We need everyone involved in serving the body of Christ at MBC Loudoun and appreciate your willingness to serve.

Please note in advance that certain ministry areas (particularly environments with children, students, and individuals with special needs) will have additional requirements in order to serve in these areas.

*urgent needs



Contact: Marcus Haines, [email protected]

*Technical Setup Crew

Join the technical crew on Sundays from 6AM-7:30AM to unload the truck and set up the worship equipment. You will roll cases into the auditorium, help set up the stage, plug in instruments and cables, and more.  Training is provided. Some physical lifting required, but most items are on wheels!  This is an urgent need as we continue to build the rotation of team members, and it’s easy to get started.

*Technical Teardown Crew

This team works on Sundays from 1PM-2PM to take down the stage, unplug equipment, roll up cables, pack items in designated cases, and wheel them out to the truck. Training is provided. Some physical lifting required, but most items are on wheels. Pizza lunch is provided for our afternoon crew. This is an urgent need as we continue to build the rotation of team members, and it’s easy to get started.

Video Playback Manager

If you are comfortable with digital media, you can serve by capturing the sermon feed from our Tysons location, monitoring the broadcast feed, and operating the video switcher to ensure the correct media is always being displayed. Some camera switching knowledge would be beneficial but not required. Training on the equipment is required for this role.

*Slide and Graphics Operator

Using the Mac-based program Pro-Presenter, this role ensures that all the slides for worship (Bible verses, announcements, worship lyrics) are in order for the morning and show up on the screens properly. Basic experience building and executing a presentation in Pro-Presenter is required. This role will serve during on Sunday during the services.

Audio Engineer

On Sundays during the services, the audio engineer manages the audio mix in the auditorium, lobby, on broadcast, and the in-ear packs.  This role requires knowledge of setting up and operating sound equipment as well as an understanding of how to mix sound for the service: live musical elements, live speaking elements, as well as the sound coming from our video playback equipment.


Contact Jessica Corkey, [email protected]

Worship Leaders

We are always looking for individuals gifted with vocal abilities and competency in leading the congregation vocally through musical worship. An audition is required. This position serves during both worship services and includes an early Sunday morning rehearsal.


Join our growing team of musicians!  Those who demonstrate competency with a musical instrument can be serve either as a soloist or in concert with the band to facilitate musical worship.  An audition is required. This position serves on a rotation, and during both worship services.  This also includes an early Sunday morning rehearsal.


Contact Jen Whittenberg, [email protected]

*Truck Driver

Serve by driving all of our supplies for church on Sunday mornings at 5:30 AM! Our 26’ truck is parked 3 miles away at a local church. Drivers do not need a special license, but they are required by insurance to participate in an online training session.  We currently have a team of 5 drivers, and are looking to round out the team.

*Unload Team

Once the truck arrives, this team takes items off the truck and roll large bins inside the building. Unloaders also help with setting up our welcome signs, lobby area tables, auditorium tables for communion supplies, and set up our children’s check-in stations.  This team serves from 6AM to about 7:30AM.  We typically have 4-5 people who serve in this role, along with the Technical setup crew and staff.

*Load Team

After the service ends, the loaders are responsible for taking down signs, packing up supplies in bins, and rolling everything outside to load on the truck.  This takes about 45 minutes. The team loads things in an organized way, so that the supplies are in position for next Sunday’s unload. This team serves from 12:50PM to about 1:30-1:45PM


Greeters at the door are responsible for providing a warm welcome to all who pass through our doors.  Greeters hold open the doors and greet people as they come in. This role serves for 20-30 minutes before the service begins and a little bit after the service is underway.  If you don’t mind coming a little early before the church service, this is an easy role to jump into!


Ushers welcome people to worship in the auditorium. They point out the communion elements, help with seating people if needed, and tidy up the supply tables. Ushers are available for answering questions about MBC Ushers overall help provide a welcoming worship experience.

New People

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Serving in the New People role includes welcoming new guests, talking with them to put them at ease, answering questions about our church, and helping them settle in for the service.

Get Connected

People who serve at the Get Connected area know a lot about MBC.  Having a solid knowledge about church groups and other MBC ministries is helpful, as well as the ability to point people to information on our website.  It’s possible this role could involve praying with someone, handling a benevolence request, or even sharing the gospel! This role serves after the service for as long as needed, typically about 20 minutes.

*Children’s Check-in Assistant

Each week we have new families visiting our church, and they need help checking in their kids to Kid’s Quest for the first time.  Using an iPad, you will add new families to the database and help them print out their sticker tag.  If you are comfortable using technology, this is an easy job!  Training is provided.  This role serves for about 20 minutes before church, and a little bit after.

Coffee and Volunteer Central helper

Our coffee and refreshments are delivered to us by SimplyBe Coffee shop in Leesburg.  The Coffee/Volunteer central helper make sure the tables are tidy, removes trash left on the tables, wipes up spills, and refills any items from stock that are running low.  They also assist with packing up the items at the end of the day. We also want people serving in this role to just available to chat with people, answer questions, etc. so it also functions like a greeter position.  This role serves during the church service and is an easy job to jump into!

First Response Team (FRT)

Members of the FRT serve to ensure our church family and visitors have a safe worship and fellowship experience by welcoming congregants to church services and activities and by patrolling and observing entry/exit, worship, staff, classroom, and exterior areas. Members of the FRT maintain radio contact with on-site law enforcement and address safety or security concerns by working closely with staff, other volunteer teams, and additional emergency responders, if necessary, to manage emergencies. This is an unarmed position that requires law enforcement, security, or military experience and approval from FRT leadership at our Tyson’s location.  We have a rotation of FRT members and are always looking to add more!

Class/Event Set Up

Décor, hospitality, food, registration check-in…whenever we have events, whether it is a class after church or offsite, we can always use extra help setting up!  If you have the desire and the time to assist with an occasional event, we’d love to know!  These needs come and go, so it’s great for someone who has limited time and cannot commit to a weekly role!

Special Projects

Do you have a skill that doesn’t match what we have already listed?  Maybe it is something related to your work, or perhaps it is a hobby – either way, you see a way to use it to build up the church or serve the congregation.  Please let us know!  We want to know what other ways you want to serve!



Ministry to students in middle school and high school. Contact KC Weidhaas, [email protected]

Sunday Table Leaders

Volunteers serve on Sunday mornings at 11. During the lesson, you will engage our middle and high school students by guiding the conversation about the message being taught.

Host Homes for Events

Occasionally we want to host a weeknight or weekend gathering of students together in a home.  Let us know if your home (or even a location/event space near your home that you can reserve for us) is available to host a student gathering.


Ministry to people with special needs. Contact Erica Peters, [email protected]

1:1 Buddies for our students

Access serves students with a variety of needs and having a 1:1 ratio helps us offer the best care and meet each student where they are. A 1:1 Buddy engages students through games, activities, and crafts, while assisting our students throughout our Bible time. No experience required, and training is provided.  This role can serve on a Sunday at 11AM or at a special event, such as Night to Shine (February), VBS (summer) or Respite (monthly on Friday nights).


The teacher will be given a lesson to use that is adapted for the students, with accompanying worksheets, crafts and/or activities. No experience required, and training is provided. This role serves on Sundays at the 11AM service.

Special Event Helpers

Access ministry hosts special events throughout the year to provide opportunities for participants and families to experience community, build friendships and have fun.  Helpers are needed for various tasks including setting up, cleaning up, serving food, checking people in, leading games, etc. Events are usually held on Friday evenings or Saturdays. 


Ministry for children (infant-5th grade)

KQ Early Childhood Team

Contact Katie Swanson, [email protected]


We need loving people to caring for needs of precious babies 0-18 months. This involves playing/reading books; giving bottles/snacks as appropriate, changing diapers, calming down any criers. Of course, maintaining a safe environment is top priority. Our nursery workers demonstrate God’s love and grace to the children and their families. This role is available for 9:15 or 11 am services.  Urgent need for helpers at 11:00 am.


This is for people who love toddlers, ages 18-36 months. This role involves playing/reading books, reading at Bible story time, helping with a craft, giving out snacks, changing diapers, and calming down criers. Of course, maintaining a safe environment is top priority. Our toddler workers demonstrate God’s love and grace to the children and their families. Basic Bible knowledge needed for this role.


We need people to leading our preschool kids. This role involves playtime, a large group time which includes worship, teaching a Bible story, fun games, and a craft. It’s so important at this age to connect with the kids to help them feel safe, valued, and loved by God. Basic Bible knowledge is needed for this role. Urgent need for helpers at 9:15 am and 11:00 am.

KQ Elementary Team

Abi Byrd, [email protected]


This role provides a friendly, smiling face in the check in hallway to greet families and welcome new ones. You will Show new families where to take their kids and get them settled. 1-2 people are needed for each service. (1 for now, 2 as we grow). This is an easy job to jump into!

Large Group Bible Teacher

Transition the children from the large group game /welcome time to teach the Bible story, talk about the “Missions Moment” for the week and pray with the kids. You would be scheduled once every 6-8 weeks for one service or 2 depending on your preference and availability. Must be able to communicate well with the elementary age group. Training is provided.

Small Group Leader

Lead a small group in discipleship, Bible discussion and games. Age 1st Grade-5th Grade. Training provided but ability to relate to the Elementary age group is key.


Be available to coach/emcee the transitions and beginning/end times for the large group time. Must have a dynamic personality and the ability to stand in for leaders who might have to cancel at the last minute. This is a “Jack of all trades” position.

Worship Leader

Lead the Large Group time of worship songs. Help the children learn to worship thoughtfully and in a way that honors God.

Tech for Large Group

Run the slides on the computer – really you just need to be able to push a button!!! This is a relatively simple job once the procedure has been explained to you.

Craft prep

This is a during the week job. You can sign up to prepare crafts and have them ready for the month ahead. You will be given detailed instructions with a date that the task(s) need to be completed by. This is an easy job to jump into!

Scheduling on Planning Center and general admin help

This is a during the week computer-based job. Training on how to use “Planning Center” and “Ministry Platform” before you take on these admin tasks.

Tear down crew

Oversee the tear down and packing of all the KQ crates and dismantling of signs into the blue bins and wheeling them out to the truck.  It’s easy once you know how!  This happens as soon as the 11:00 service has ended.


Contact Abi Byrd, [email protected]


A mentor could be a variety of things. Someone who reads the Bible one to one with another lady in the church, someone to pray with, someone to walk through life with and be accountable to. Training and guidance provided.

Bible Study Teachers

Women to lead Bible Studies on a variety of days. Training provided. Studies will be either in the evenings or during the day depending on availability and need.

Events Team Member

We will be holding a variety of Women’s events throughout the year. We want to build a team who will come together to plan, organize and put on the different events. Examples but not limited to a Women’s Day away – a one day retreat, A Women’s Christmas Event etc.

Bible Study Admin

As our Women’s ministry grows this person would keep track of what is happening when during the week and send out relevant emails, communications etc.

Christianity Explained Training

Would you like to know how to go through Mark’s gospel with someone who is asking questions about Christianity? Come and be trained so you are equipped to do this with a friend who is seeking to know more about the Christian faith.


Contact Britten Taylor, [email protected]


Church Group (CG) Leaders help members of their group to care for one another, grow to become more like Jesus, and live on mission making disciples. The typical CG Leader profile is someone who cares deeply about people, is skilled at facilitating discussion and developing friendships, possesses a strong understanding of the Bible, and is devoted to following Jesus.


Contact Jen Whittenberg, [email protected]



Thomas & Lauren Black, [email protected]

We equip and mobilize members of MBC Loudoun to care for orphans in varieties of ways including: adopting and fostering children; mentoring teenagers who are in foster care; mentoring young adults who have aged-out of the fostering system; supporting families who have adopted or are fostering by providing them with prayer, friendship, and practical help (i.e. delivering a meal, furniture delivery, mowing their lawn, doing their laundry, cleaning their house, etc.)


Aimee Palumbo, [email protected]

In partnership with Iglesia Campo Blanco, we help people learn and practice the English language. Some of us teach English, while others of us serve as language partners. Language partners meet informally once a week or twice a month for casual conversation to help someone practice speaking English.  Currently this ministry meets at our Tysons location.


Ken Tucker, [email protected]

This ministry helps couples enrich their marriages through teaching, coaching, and small group discussion. We are seeking small group facilitators and coaches. Currently this ministry meets on Wednesdays at 7PM at our Tysons location but we hope to offer groups in Loudoun led by Loudoun couples.


Financial Coaches counsel people about their personal finances including budgeting, debt reduction, how to manage money according to biblical principles, and other financial matters. Volunteers are not financial planners, but rather individuals who seek to help people to honor the Lord no matter what financial circumstance or crisis they might be in.


From time to time, God brings refugees to Loudoun who are in critical need. There are many different ways to serve and bless them including – delivering furniture, serving as an English language conversation partner, meeting for tea/coffee for developing a friendship, providing transportation (driving them to their appointments), and helping them navigate through American culture (registering their children for school; completing medical forms; completing forms at the DMV).


In partnership with Loudoun County Adult Detention Center and Tree of Life ministry, we are piloting a program in which we can go into the prison to do Bible studies with incarcerated people. There are opportunities to serve one-on-one for Bible discussion, opportunities to serve one-on-one for life coaching, and opportunities to serve together in a community Bible study.

Furniture Ministry

Matt Broderick, [email protected] or text 703-966-0791

Our church serves residents of Loudoun County who are in need by providing gently used furniture. You can serve by donating gently used sofas, tables and chairs, dressers, nightstands, end tables and lamps. We are a little strict on the condition of the furniture, so please send Matt pictures of your items to see if it is something currently needed and meets our criteria. We also purchase new household items (kitchen and bath items) essential to families getting off to a good start in their new apartment. You can serve by periodically shopping at Walmart from a specific list we provide, and then by taking the items to our storage unit in Leesburg. Also, you can serve by helping pick up donated items or moving items out of storage and into a client’s home. A very flexible schedule is usually required, as the needs arise quickly without much notice. People with flexible work hours during the week are sorely needed, as well as anyone who can help carry an end table, a lamp, a kitchen chair or bags of newly purchased items. You don’t have to be a professional furniture mover to help.


Learn more at


Serve the church by praying for missionaries.  You can get started easily by signing up for the monthly Global Outreach Newsletter! Receive monthly stories and prayer requests from MBC missionaries and partners, and hear about upcoming global events, classes, trips and more!


Join us for a 9-day evangelism trip to the Middle East to speak with people who are from places like India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh. The approx. cost of this trip is $2,600. We will meet approx. 4 times before the trip for training and team building.


MBC sends, shepherds, and supports God’s people who serve in cross-cultural contexts. Mid-Term Sending refers to people who will spend two months to two years serving in a cross-cultural context. Long-Term Sending refers to people who will serve in a cross-cultural context for 2+ years. If you think the Lord may be leading you to serve in these ways, please review the guidelines for MBC missionaries and fill out the Intake Form at