At MBC, our hope is that every member of our church would be connected to a group where we aim to care for one another like a family.  We believe that God has designed His church to be the mechanism in which we find comfort, healing, wisdom and support as we walk through the ups and downs of life. For further support, please reach out to the pastors in your church family.  At the same time, God in his common grace has provided experts who can help us in the particularly difficult, tricky and sensitive circumstances.

If you’d like to request a meeting with a pastor for counseling, please fill out our Counseling/Discipleship Form.

There are many great counselors, psychiatrists and specialists in the DMV that can be helpful as well.  See our listing of counselorsNOTE: These resources are intended to be a helpful place to start. MBC does not specifically endorse any of the providers or services listed in this guide.



We believe that the church is a group of Christians committed to being the church together.  Joining MBC in membership is how individuals officially make that commitment to the other members, the leadership, and the mission of MBC.  Our membership orientation is offered at the times listed below.  However, we strongly individuals to attend Starting Point prior to attending our membership orientation.