Who are you?

Awana is a weekly ministry which provides a fun environment for children and youth ages 3-18 to learn God’s Word. Our vision is for children learn to know, love and serve Jesus Christ! Each week, Awana provides teaching and training to develop strong moral and spiritual values, helping ‘clubbers’ learn about the reality of God and the truth of the Bible.

Awana is meeting remotely from October 2020 through May 2021 on Sundays from 4 – 5:45pm. Each club will meet in slotted times during this window so that households with multiple clubbers can participate. The following schedule is proposed for the remote club meeting times.


  • Cubbies/Sparks – 4-4:30 pm
  • T&T – 4:30-5 pm
  • Trek – 5-5:30 pm
  • Journey – Based on leader and student availability

Once a month each group will have an in-person connect time with activities/games Sunday at 2 pm. Parents/guardians will be requested to stay onsite.

All Awana parents/guardians are requested to serve in some capacity. Your weekly commitment makes Awana run with excellence. Registration fees are $30.00.

• Cubbies: 3-4 years
• Sparks K: Kindergarten
• Sparks 1 & 2: Grades 1-2
• Truth and Training (T&T): Grades 3-6
• Trek: Grades 7-8
• Journey: Grades 9-12

What do you do?

Awana remote will have two components:

Large Group Time – Large group will take place online – Large group is tailored to the ages of the clubbers and supports the lessons learned in the handbooks.

Handbook Time – Clubbers develop a sense of community during this time. Using achievement-oriented learning segments, Awana handbooks emphasize the importance of God’s Word in knowing Him, living according to His Word, and standing for the Gospel. Clubbers will meet in small groups with their class leaders online to discuss what they have learned during large group and in their handbook lesson and will recite the verses they’ve memorized.


Email: [email protected]