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At MBC, groups are the primary way that we care for one another, grow together to be more like Christ, and make disciples together both locally and globally. In short, it’s how we can make a very large church serve as a meaningful family. When we gather together to do all that the Bible says a church should do, we know it is for God’s glory and for our greatest good.


MBC Montgomery County has two kinds of groups: Discipleship Groups and Community Groups.

Discipleship Groups help every member do three things: care for one another like a family, grow to become more like Jesus, and make disciples locally and globally. They typically meet 2-4 times a month. During the first hour, some of them eat dinner and catch up on life. They might also spend some time talking about last week’s sermon and what God is doing in their lives. During the second hour, they might break into smaller groups of 3 or 4 people of the same gender to talk and pray more specifically. If MBC is your home church, we encourage you to join a discipleship group so that you get the full experience of a local church. If you’re interested in joining a group, we invite you to attend Front Door.* (*Resumes in September 2021)

Community Groups are every other kind of group. We highly recommend joining a discipleship group, because they will provide a full local church experience, and we can care for you in those relationships, however great things happen in community groups too. That said, we encourage you to make community groups a supplement to your discipleship group, not a substitute for a discipleship group.

Discipleship Groups


  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Jonathan & Ana Franca-Koh) Summer Break
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Dean & Irene Park) Register


  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Nick & Alison Jovanovic) FULL
  • Women’s Discipleship Group (Kelly & Allison Chikes) FULL
  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Bryce Buschman) Register
  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Andy Cebula) Summer Break
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Ron & Janine Yee) FULL


  • Men’s Discipleship Group (Brian Yee) Register
  • Women’s Discipleship Group (Cindy Gallalee) Register


  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Dave & Christine Porter) FULL


  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Tien & Melody Chuang) Summer Break
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Paul & Mary Foster) Summer Break
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Derek Karchner) FULL
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (King & Florence Gee) Register
  • Co-Ed Discipleship Group (Connor & Emma Dixon) Register

Sunday Morning Bible Study | 9-10:30 am (ON SUMMER BREAK)

Ongoing group that meets every Sunday morning for Bible study and is open to anyone to join at any time.

Young Adults Bible Study | Thursdays at 7 pm (ON SUMMER BREAK)

We welcome those who are college-aged, 20s and 30s for teaching and small groups (by gender). YA Bible study and small groups are currently meeting online. Please visit MBC Montgomery County Young Adults for the latest information.

  • Leaders: ShaRhaina Brown, Jabari Watson and other small group leaders
  • Contact: MoCo Young Adults

International Bible Fellowship | Fridays at 7:30-9 pm (ON SUMMER BREAK)

Anyone interested in connecting with internationals from around the world is invited to join us! We meet online on Fridays at 7:30 pm.

Leaders: Maria Zavarce, Pedro Zavarce, & Noemy Laine (Spanish speakers); Larry Cooper & Patrick Lee (Men’s Group); Phyllis Cooper, Jenny Lee, & Michelle Giroux (Women’s Group)

MomLife Facebook Group

MomLife is a place for moms of young children from pregnancy to preschool to connect! We are currently meeting and connecting with each other via a private Facebook group.