What is the Beyond Fund?

The Beyond Fund invests in new expansion ministries that prioritize planting churches among unreached people and places (i.e., little to no access to the gospel). We seek the most effective and biblically faithful ministry partners who are building sustained access to the gospel in places where it is not yet known.

What are gospel projects?

Gospel projects help to establish minimum necessary sustained access to the gospel. Access to the gospel is sustained when foundational gospel infrastructure is established and there is an adequate minimum spread of these structures throughout the people. Foundational Gospel infrastructure includes the following: local Christians, local evangelism, the full Bible in the local language, healthy churches, local pastors, local pastor training, Christian books and worship songs in the local language, and theological education institutions.

The need for caution

Specific details are protected because this work happens in very unreached and high persecution contexts.  Persecution is one reason these places are so hard to reach and remain unreached. We will  share details that are safe to communicate.

Gospel Projects: In the exploration phase

  • South Asia:  Pastoral training and church planting among a very large unreached population by national pastors from within a healthy national church. The church has also started a seminary. Urban setting. Very unreached. 
  • Middle East:  Church health training and church planting among a large unreached population. National pastors lead the way. Urban setting. Unreached 
  • Southeast Asia:  Healthy church planting among a large, unreached population by Western missionaries and marketplace Christians. Urban and Rural setting. Unreached.

Gospel Projects: In the evaluation phase

  • Central Asia: A healthy, international church among a large unreached population in a mega-city by Western missionaries and marketplace Christians. Urban setting. Very unreached. 
  • Central Asia: Healthy church planting among a large unreached population in a rural setting by Western missionaries. Very unreached. 

Gospel Projects: In the implementation phase

  • South Asia:  Humanitarian aid to secure the ability to proclaim the gospel to a very unreached people in a rural setting by mostly Western missionaries. Many have been saved through this daring ministry, and quite a few of those converts are now evangelists and church planters who are persevering through persecution despite occurrences of martyrdom. Significant operation spanning education, rescue, agriculture, and church planting. Very unreached.