Patrick Lee

Elder | Tysons

Patrick and his wife Jenny have been attending MBC since January 2010. Patrick rededicated his life to Christ during his junior year in college, and has reprioritized his goals in life steadily since then for God’s Kingdom.

He has received a strong calling for both local and global missions, which led him to engage in inter-city ministry in South East DC, as well as traveling abroad to various countries in East and Central Asia, Central America, and Africa in medical missions. Patrick served as a chairman of the board for Little Lights Urban Ministries in South East DC, and as chairman and president for other faith-related ministries and organizations in the DMV area and holds adjunct professorships in universities and hospitals in Asia and Africa. He has been a co-leader for the International Bible Fellowship since 2015.

As a graduate of University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Patrick has been practicing and teaching in Maryland since 1989 and he and his lovely wife Jenny have two beautiful grown up children in the fields of Film Scoring and Law.