Pregnancy Resource Centers

All of these centers offer free and confidential services to those facing unplanned pregnancies, including pregnancy testing and ultrasounds.

Volunteer at a pregnancy resource center

Want to volunteer at a Pregnancy Resource Center or other organization serving vulnerable women and children?

MBC Ministries serving vulnerable populations

Woven (MBC Montgomery County) provides community service to foster children and families as well as to vulnerable single moms, including baby items, babysitting, transportation, and more. Contact Dede at[email protected]

Adoption & Foster Care helps members care for vulnerable children. This includes those who are currently adopting or fostering, considering whether to adopt or foster, or interested in other pathways of service. Contact [email protected]


Volunteers are needed to support those seeking help related to pregnancy. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request more information on volunteering in our church.


How can we support you?

If you have questions about your situation or need more specific direction we want to help. Please use the form below to connect with us and share any additional information that may be helpful. If you would like to learn about serving opportunities please fill out this same form but indicate your desire to serve in the “reason for reaching out” section.