Yemen, once known for its fertile land and natural resources, such as silver, has suffered in recent decades from three civil wars and numerous tribal conflicts. Currently, Yemen is divided between Shia rebels and Sunni forces. The conflict in Yemen has dominated news across the world in recent years, as aid organizations flooded into the country to assist the most vulnerable. The people of Yemen are experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. There have been over 50,000 combatant and civilian casualties and widespread famine as a result of the conflict. The years-long civil war, economic collapse, and the recent challenge of COVID-19 have resulted in the highest levels of malnutrition and starvation Yemen has ever experienced.

Children are suffering the worst. Despite war, Yemenis are hearing about Christ through the radio, Bible distribution, bold but careful witness, and dreams and visions from the Lord! Believers meet secretly and only in small groups. They experience extreme opposition, imprisonment, and even death if caught. The emerging church in Yemen has a unique opportunity and open doors to both show the love of Christ in meeting physical needs and to proclaim the gospel. MBC partners in Yemen are responding to these urgent needs through a food distribution program. This program has a long-term goal to provide a leadership training to disciple believers, form healthy churches, and mobilize leaders to respond to the continued humanitarian crisis.


  • That God would ease civil unrest and conflicts so Yemen can be restored.
  • That God would help to further develop biblical materials for the spread of the gospel and that Yemenis believer would be bold and courageous in sharing their faith.
  • That God would protect and provide for all Yemeni believers, grow His church, and mobilize ministries to build the local church.

Total Population: 30,343,000

Major Religion: Islam

Joshua Project Status: Unreached

Percent Evangelical: 0.02% (1 in 5,000)

Major Needs: Evangelism, healthy churches, pastoral training

Visit Joshua Project to learn more about the unreached in this region.


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