This mountainous country is known for its peaks and lakes, and over 90% of the country is covered in mountains. This creates difficulty in road travel and isolates many remote communities. The civil war of the 1990s caused many issues in this former Soviet run state. Over 80% of the country lives below the poverty line and there is great need for education. The primary religion is Islam, and the country is in desperate need of relief-and-development work. Thirty-one of the thirty-nine people groups in Tajikistan are considered unreached. Christians in Tajikistan often face persecution, as the government keeps tight control over “deviant” religions. Churches and religious activities must be “approved” by the government. Christians who are found to be involved with Christian activities or in possession of Christian materials not approved by the government face interrogation and jail. Missionaries have been working tirelessly for many years on a new, more understandable, and complete version of the Bible in Tajik to address the spiritual brokenness of the region. To date, the New Testament is finally finished and is in the process of being printed! There have been a lot of challenges in getting to this point. The desire of this MBC partner is for as many copies of the updated New Testament to be printed as possible, so new believers can grow in maturity and so that non-believers have access to the Word.


  • That God would raise up faithful Tajik pastors as leaders in the church.
  • That God would increase the proclamation of the gospel of Christ through faithful, national believers.
  • That God would get Bibles into the hands of those who need to read it and those who need to distribute it. 
  • That God would heal the material and spiritual brokenness of the country and build new churches to encourage and equip the new believers. 

Total Population: 9,730,000

Major Religion: Islam

Joshua Project Status: Unreached

Percent Evangelical: 0.07% (1 in 1,428)

Major Needs: Evangelism, healthy churches, pastoral training


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