Week 48 | Nepal

Nepal is widely known for its beautiful mountainous landscape, the Himalayas. It’s also the birthplace of the founder of Buddhism. The city of Lumbini is the holiest pilgrimage site for Buddhists from all over the world. Despite being a secular state on paper, Hinduism permeates the government and all aspects of life. Persecution of Christians is a reality, as most Nepalese view Christianity as foreign and the government keeps a close eye on all non-Hindu religions. Even though William Carey first translated the New Testament into Nepali in 1821, Nepal’s low literacy rates mean much of the population struggles with basic education. 

One MBC partner church in this region is working tirelessly to see healthy churches grow and flourish. One of the biggest needs is pastoral training. To address this, they recently began a year-long internship which is currently equipping a group of young men in biblical foundations for ministry. Also, they have begun a publishing ministry, which translates, publishes, and distributes biblically faithful resources into the Nepali language. Most recently, this partner has experienced extreme levels of government scrutiny. This is making their work of evangelism, discipleship, and literature distribution difficult. But they are not deterred in their mission. 


  • That God would sustain the faithful members of this church to endure amidst pressures and persecutions; that He would enable them to live lives worthy of the gospel in 2023 and beyond. 
  • That God would provide the funds needed for more Nepali translations of faithful, gospel-centered, ministry-minded resources. 
  • That God would end the persecution of Christians, and that many anti-Christian authorities would hear the gospel and bend their knee to Jesus Christ as King.

Total Population: 30,407,000

Major Religion: Hinduism

Joshua Project Status: Unreached

Percent Evangelical: Unknown

Major Needs: Evangelism, healthy churches, pastoral training

Visit Joshua Project to learn more about the unreached in this region.


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