Afghanistan is a mountainous landlocked country and has most recently been in the news due to continuous war and terrorism. Within this context, two MBC partners are working to make Christ known.

The first partner works specifically with Muslim Background Believers (MMBs) who operate a food production business. Through operating this business, the MBBs have created avenues that enable them to share the gospel with Muslims throughout Afghanistan, especially under current circumstances where access is limited.

The second partner works primarily with indigenous leaders to develop a healthy church among the unreached. After the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban in 2021, it became even more difficult for churches and believers to share the gospel. This partner develops online content for evangelism, discipleship, and associated follow-up. The goal is to plant the gospel of Jesus among the unreached people of Afghanistan through a variety of methods, including a team that uses targeted social media, multiple podcasts, a women’s online ministry, and a discipleship program for follow-up. The follow-up team is composed of mature and competent leaders with experience leading churches inside Afghanistan, but who now live elsewhere due to recent conflicts which forced them to flee.

Through creative endeavors like the projects above, the gospel of Jesus is advancing amidst insurmountable restrictions to reach those who need to hear it most!


  • That God would bring peace and stability to Afghanistan.
  • That God would hinder the evil plans of the Taliban and convict their hearts; that they would turn to Him.
  • That God would bless the food operation business so that it will become an avenue for many people to hear the gospel and be saved.
  • That God would give thousands of people in Afghanistan access to online gospel resources, and that these resources would teach foundational truths to new believers and strengthen the existing church.

Total Population: 41,002,000

Major Religion: Islam

Joshua Project Status: Unreached

Percent Evangelical: 0.02% (1 in 5,000)

Major Needs: Evangelism, healthy churches, pastoral training


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