Wednesdays, March 10-May 12


This 9-week course is designed to equip engaged couples with biblical principles and skills to build a marriage that lasts a lifetime. During the 9-weeks you will be paired with a coaching couple who will guide you through the course. Each coaching couple leads a small group consisting of no more than 3 engaged couples. Each weekly 2-hour session is a combination of large group teaching from a pastor or lay leader, followed by small group time facilitated by your coaching couple which includes tabletop discussion and focused couple-specific conversations.

All sessions are held in-person. Some weeks meet fully in-person at the church for the entire 2-hours. Other weeks are hybrid, with small groups meeting together at a remote location and virtually gathering together to participate in the large group teaching.

You may attend any PFM course that is held prior to your wedding, and we encourage couples to take the PFM as early in the engagement as possible. Please note that the Preparing for Marriage course is for engaged couples only.

- Early Registration Fees: $112.50/person; remarriage - $130/person
- Final Registration Fees: $125/person; remarriage - $147.50/person

Early Registration Closes February 14, 2021
Final Registration Closes February 20, 2021
Mandatory Saturday Session March 13, 2021

Remarriage Sessions Two sessions of one-on-one counseling will be scheduled for remarriage couples: May 27 & June 3, 2021

Email: [email protected]

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