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Tuesday Jun 30, 2020 - 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM


Tuesdays, June 16-July 14

Are you a believer who struggles with how to defend your faith? Do you need confirmation for the reasons you first came to believe due to the challenges presented by current world views of truth? Or are you a seeker, who questions whether there is one Truth found in the claims of Christianity? The good news is that there are answers to your questions! Through a weekly teaching and Q and A, we will provide evidence that not only supports the fundamentals of Christianity, but demonstrates that faith is not blind.

Teachers: John & Carole Schryber

Week 1: Faith is not blind: intro to topics covered
Week 2: There is a God
Week 3: There is one Truth/ the Bible is the Word of God
Week 4: Christ is the Messiah
Week 5: Q and A for remaining issues and questions, and how to deal with “unbelief."


Questions? Contact Carole Schryber.

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