The greater Washington, DC area – known as “the DMV” in a shorthand nod to the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia – is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the United States.  As home to the nation’s capital, Washington, DC also anchors the southern end of the densely populated northeastern economic corridor.

For at least the past ten years, greater Washington has ranked among the Top 5 cities in the nation in diversity, household income and household education.  At the same time, housing costs, decaying infrastructure, educational disparities, crime, and traffic congestion also rank metropolitan DC as one of the most difficult places to live in the country.

People who flourish in the DMV often mention a kind of personal calling and connection to the area.  This is especially true in the church!  We believe there is no more strategic opportunity to reach the world with the gospel than the unique mission field we have been given in greater Washington.  The people here are indeed unique, and we love them!


MBC is comprised of men and women from over 100 different countries spread across five locations throughout the DMV.  Our largest facility is in Tysons, a new city center on a new Metro line that bills itself as “America’s Next Great City.” We also have locations in nearby Maryland and in Virginia’s far western suburbs, comprising some of the most diverse and influential communities in the world.

At all of our locations, our mission is to “glorify God by making disciples and multiplying churches among all nations, beginning in greater Washington, DC.”  This mission statement marries our commitment to the Great Commission around the world with a similar focus and passion right here at home.

You can get a glimpse what’s ahead at MBC by reading through our New Chapter booklet, but the best way to experience it would be to join us in person.   Whether the Lord leads you to a staff role at MBC, or if you instead move here to work alongside many of our members in the unique marketplace that surrounds us, we invite you to prayerfully consider joining us in our mission!


In 2017, David Platt became the new pastor of MBC. In 2020, David asked Mike Kelsey and Wade Burnett to serve alongside him.  Mike Kelsey has been at MBC for almost 20 years, most recently serving as the Pastor for MBC Montgomery County in Maryland.  Wade Burnett recently completed a season of serving the broader church in America and around the world as a coach and consultant for pastors. Lord willing, we want to model and multiply a healthy biblical plurality of leadership that includes Christ-exalting men and women in staff and volunteer roles across the entire church.


At any given time, we may have dozens of open positions at MBC.  While these positions are updated frequently HERE, we created the page you are reading now to help us conduct a prayerful search for the right leaders to direct and build out our teams.  We have prioritized the roles below because these roles will ideally include oversight and selection for many of the roles on our main listing page above.

At present, the roles included in our focused searches include:

Pastor of MBC Montgomery County
Central Director of Communications
Central Director of Local Outreach
Director of Student Ministry at MBC Tysons