The Care Fund invests in ministry which serves the most urgent physical and spiritual needs locally and globally. If you would like to give above and beyond your regular giving to the church toward these needs, we encourage you to give to the Care Fund. NOTE: The Care Fund includes ministry aimed at disaster relief in general, and specific COVID-19 relief during this time.


We are surrounded by people with urgent physical and spiritual needs in greater Washington, D.C. Individuals and families who need food or medical care. Schools and communities that need resources. And regardless of the physical need, every single person’s greatest need is spiritual: a relationship with God through Jesus.

We are constantly ministering to these needs across greater Washington, D.C. These ministries have gone to an entirely new level as a result of COVID-19. Every week, we are packing tens of thousands of pounds of food and essential resources, and then delivering boxes filled with these goods to thousands of families in at-risk communities across our city. Along the way, we are sharing the good news of God’s love in Jesus.


The physical needs described above are oftentimes more extreme in places around the world, where people may be starving or may not have any access to clean water, medical care, or education. The spiritual need for the gospel is oftentimes also greater because there are so many places filled with millions of people who are unreached (meaning they currently have no access to the gospel).

We are continually engaging in wise, creative ministry amidst these needs around the world. For example, in one part of South Asia, we are addressing needs for agriculture, education, and rescue while proclaiming the gospel and planting churches among extremely unreached people in a rural setting. Many have come to faith in Christ through this daring ministry, and quite a few of those new believers are now evangelists and church planters who are persevering through persecution despite occurrences of martyrdom. This effort is one among many that we are implementing through resources from the Care Fund, including global efforts in response to COVID-19 (for example, we are currently engaging in work among IDP and refugee families in Central Asia amidst this crisis).