Kid's Quest & Access Video Upload
We want you to be a part of our Palm Sunday services!

We are asking you, our MBC families to submit a short video* of your kids waving palm branches shouting “Hosanna! Jesus is our King!” that we can add to our Palm Sunday Services!

  1. Get creative by making your own palm branches. Here are a few suggestions of ways you can make your own palm branches:
  2. Take a 10-15 second, horizontal/landscape video of your kids waving their palm branches shouting “Hosanna! Jesus is our King!”
  3. Upload your video by selecting the button below.
  4. Be sure to upload soon! We will be accepting submissions through March 29.

*The montage video, made with the footage submitted here will be broadcast in our Palm Sunday online gatherings on April 5th. For your awareness, the video will be viewed on all of our streaming platforms.


Having trouble uploading or have any other questions? Email us. We’re here to help!