Secret Church 21 will take place on Friday, April 23, 2021 at 7:00pm – 1:00am EDT. We are excited about the opportunity to join with tens of thousands of people around the world for intense study in God’s Word and prayer for the persecuted church.

The Great Imbalance

Go and make disciples of all nations. A clear command and monumental charge from Jesus. Yet what if, despite our best intentions and sincerest efforts as the church to obey Jesus, we are actually ignoring what He said? At best, what if we have misunderstood Him? And what if much of our efforts are unknowingly keeping millions upon millions of people around the world from eternal life? Further, what if much of our efforts are keeping you and me from experiencing God’s purpose for our lives? Unlike any Secret Church we have ever done, Secret Church 21 is designed to be a ground-breaking journey through God’s Word and around the world that leads to a tectonic shift in the way you view your life, your family, and God’s design for the church. For your eyes will be open not only to a great imbalance that is affecting countless people for eternity, but also to the bold opportunity you have to change it with your time on this earth.

Please note, the registration below is for joining us in person only. To watch from home, visit the official site. By registering below you do NOT need to register on the official site or buy your study guide. The guide will be provided for you on site at either of these viewing locations. There is no charge to attend Secret Church at MBC Tysons, MBC Prince William, or MBC Loudoun.

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