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What is Starting Point?

God designed the church to be so much more than an event on Sunday. Church is a family!  And if you’re considering making us your home church – great, we’re thrilled to hear that!  Attending Starting Point is your next step.  Starting Point is a class that meets for 4 consecutive Sundays and is led by our pastors and church leaders. Our aim is to help you know how and why we do church the way that we do, so you can make an informed and prayerful decision about whether we are the right home church for you. And we hope that you decide that we are!

What's the content like?

  • Week 1: How we care for one another in the family of God.
  • Week 2: How we help one another grow to be more and more like Jesus.
  • Week 3: How we make disciples through evangelism as Jesus modeled for us.
  • Week 4: How we disciple one another by teaching to obey Jesus.
    Optional 5th Week: Membership Class
How do I join a group?

We ask everyone to go through Starting Point before joining a group. Church family thrives in loving and intentional relationships. Starting Point is one of the key ingredients to fostering our church family relationships.

Next Starting Point Classes:

No Upcoming Classes – we will resume classes as soon as possible


Is there Childcare? 

There is childcare for Sunday Starting Point classes.


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