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Everything we have belongs to God! All good and perfect gifts come from Him. Dedication, or “setting apart”, of children unto God is one of parents’ first acts of leadership. Child Dedication is more than a ritual, it is a commitment for parents to honor the will and the Word of God. Child Dedication is not baptism or christening, it does not guarantee a child’s salvation, but it does publicly express that the child belongs to God. This “setting apart” is an act by parents, prayerfully declaring that this child belongs to God and committing themselves to bring up their son or daughter to respect and honor God and to love and serve Jesus Christ.

The Child Dedication process is for children newborn to 6 years old. Families can begin by completing an application, where we’ll ask for some information about your child and your family’s relationship with God. Families will also need to attend a Child Dedication Orientation Class where you will learn about the Dedication service and the biblical reasons for it. Once you register for a class, we will follow up with specifics for the class and the ceremony.

Our upcoming 2022 Dedication Dates are March 13, May 15, July 24, and October 23.

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